DeDeFi aggregate revenue platform DekBox Test Network upgrade, included in Token Poket, Bitkeep and other wallets

DeFi aggregate revenue platform DekBox has opened the OKExChain test network and was the first to be included in the Token Poket, Bitkeep and other wallets.

TokenPoket wallet listed

Bitkeep wallet listed

The inclusion of the wallet in the OK test chain area also represents a positive outlook for the DekBox project in the community and the industry. DekBox, the world’s first aggregation-based revenue DeFi eco-platform based on the OKExChain ecosystem created by developers from the global DeFi community, also plans to switch the main network synchronously with OKExChain at the end of March to achieve a joint ecological system to enable DeFi value-added system to become the first star project of the OKExChain DeFi circuit .

It is reported that DekBox and OKExChain to maintain the pace of development, jointly plan to switch the main network at the end of March. DekBox (de-centric DeFi aggregator revenue platform) solves user pain points through smart contracts, clears the cross-chain mainstream tokens generated by head trading, and provides leading-edge technology-advantaged liquidity and cross-chain lending and wealth management for DeFi’s broader assets. DekBox will work with OKExChain to implement an ecosystem that empowers DeFi value-added systems and is committed to becoming the first star project of OKExChain DeFi Circuit. DekBox is committed to achieving universal finance by promoting financial de-centralization.


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DekBox (decentralized lending box) is a DeFi ecological platform for lending + SWAP + aggregated income created by developers in the global DeFi community.