Dekbox V3 Mining Pool will be officially launched at 14:00 Singapore time on June 10th, and the mining pool of synthetic assets will also be opened simultaneously

DekBox will launch the V3 pool at 14:00 PM Singapore time on June 10th, with synthetic asset benchmarks for the pools LP-MDEX-MATIC-DEK、LP-MDEX-MATIC-USDT、MATIC SINGLE open simultaneously.

DEKBOX V3 Mine Pool is the exclusive high-yield mine pool set up by DEKBOX for the synthetic asset business. It aims to promote the rapid and healthy development of the synthetic asset business and the DEKBOX financial ecology. By activating the rights by pledging the corresponding DEK/ IDEK tokens, the high annual LP synthetic asset mine pool can be opened for mining.


DekBox (decentralized lending box) is a DeFi ecological platform for lending + SWAP + aggregated income created by developers in the global DeFi community.

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